Thursday, October 24, 2013

Concert Review: The Winery Dogs @ The Hard Rock Cafe for Eddie Trunk's 30th Anniversary Listeners Party

Don Jamieson & Jim Florentine introducing The Winery Dogs!

The Winery Dogs debut Album, as many of you know, was my first review. I maintain that The Winery Dogs Album is going to be Retributions Edge' Album of the Year for 2013. In fact, it's still in both my car and my home CD player.

Now, I have heard clips of them live before, and they sounded pretty tight, but let me tell you something, no bad cooks on stage like The Winery Dogs cook on stage live. It's something you can only experience in person.  On Wednesday, October 23, 2013, The Winery Dogs kicked off the festivities at Eddie Trunk's 30th Anniversary Listeners Party @ the New York City Hard Rock Café with a blistering set.

They opened with "Elevate" and proceeded to play most of the songs on their album. Highlights included "The Other Side", "Time Machine", and "The Dying". Each song took on a different life than it's studio counterpart as the guys gave an amazing performance live. I'd have to say I was completely blown away by the closing song to their set, "Shy Boy" a Billy Sheehan classic, which completely rocked the house.

Saying that Billy Sheehan is a great bassist is easy to do when you listen to him on a studio recording, but to see him live, and animated and how passionately he plays or watch how much fun he has up on stage as he plays takes it to an entirely different level. The same can be said for watching Ritchie Kotzen who's masterful work on the guitar goes on to demonstrate how much of a true musical genius he really is. Mike Portnoy is like no other drummer I know, his genuine joy of playing and skill shines through as you watch him play. It's hard to say perform, because somehow perform sounds very rigid, these guys play with such skill and passion, play is a much better word to describe what is going on there.

It resonates with the audience too who were moving with the music and having a good time. Not one eye in the house was anywhere but fixed to the stage. I've been to my share of shows, but The Winery Dogs put on one hell of a great show. I highly recommend going to see them whenever they are around. I know I may have to catch them again at either the Allentown show or in Sayreville.

For upcoming shows in your area check out: The Winery Dogs Website

Eddie Trunk's 30th Anniversary Listeners Party

Shot from my seat of the Stage. The seat I had was actually better than it looks but my phone is crap.
Wow...this was a concert of Legendary and Historic proportion. Let's start this off by congratulating Eddie Trunk on 30 years in radio. Eddie Trunk, a fellow brother from Jersey, has been a champion of all things Hard Rock and Heavy Metal since 1983 on WDHA, WNEW, and currently Q104.3 WAXQ. He is the inspiration behind why I write this Blog, and, it turns out, just a cool dude who's a fan like the rest of us.

The party itself was held in New York City at The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine opened up the festivities in typical That Metal Show fashion, urging the guests to "Stump the Trunk", and then bringing on the first act of the night, The Winery Dogs. Now I have a lot to say about their set, but that will be a separate entry. Let me say it was amazing for now.

Don and Jim called Eddie Trunk up on stage to kick off the second act. Eddie gave a brief history of his radio career, gave a heartfelt thanks to everyone of the stations, fellow DJ's, musical guests, family, friends and everyone in the room for being there, and called Mike Portnoy up on stage to kick off the rest of the party.

Mike Portnoy, a long time friend of Eddie's, was the musical director for the party. Let me share with you the set list so you understand why this show was a once in a lifetime experience!

CAPTAIN NEMO (MSG) Mike Portnoy (Drums), Billy Sheehan (Bass), Bumblefoot (Guitar & Vocals)

DIAMONDS AND RUST (JUDAS PRIEST) Mike Portnoy (Drums), Billy Sheehan (Bass), Bumblefoot (Guitar), Tony Harnell (Vocals)

RESTLESS AND WILD (ACCEPT) Mike Portnoy (Drums), Billy Sheehan (Bass), Bumblefoot (Guitar), Mark Tornillo (Vocals)

ON FIRE (VAN HALEN) Mike Portnoy (Drums), Billy Sheehan (Bass), Mark Tornillo (Vocals), Steve Brown (Guitar)

LIGHT UP THE SKY (VAN HALEN) Mike Portnoy (Drums), Billy Sheehan (Bass), Mark Tornillo (Vocals), Steve Brown (Guitar)

UNDER THE BLADE (TWISTED SISTER) Mike Portnoy (Drums), Billy Sheehan (Bass), Jay Jay French (Guitar), Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (Vocals)

TOO HOT TO HANDLE (UFO) Mike Portnoy (Drums), Billy Sheehan (Bass), Bumblefoot (Guitar), Lita Ford (Vocals)

ROCK BOTTOM (UFO) Mike Portnoy (Drums), Billy Sheehan (Bass), Bumblefoot (Guitar), Michael Sweet (Vocals)

GOT TO CHOOSE (KISS) Mike Portnoy (Drums), Bumblefoot (Guitar), Scott Ian (Guitar), Frank Bello (Bass & Vocals)

PARASITE (KISS) Mike Portnoy (Drums), Bumblefoot (Guitar), Scott Ian (Guitar), Frank Bello (Bass), Ace Frehley (Guitar & Vocals)

HOOLIGAN (KISS) Bumblefoot (Guitar), Frank Bello (Bass), Peter Criss (Drums & Vocals)

LOVE HER ALL I CAN (KISS) Bumblefoot (Guitar), Scott Ian (Guitar), Frank Bello (Bass), Ace Frehley (Guitar & Vocals), Peter Criss (Drums & Vocals)

ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT (KISS) Mike Portnoy (2nd Drums), Bumblefoot (Guitar), Scott Ian (Guitar), Frank Bello (Bass), Ace Frehley (Guitar & Vocals), Peter Criss (Drums & Vocals)


DOCTOR DOCTOR (UFO) Mike Portnoy (Drums), Billy Sheehan (Bass), Bumblefoot (Guitar), Lita Ford (Guitar), Geoff Tate (Lead Vocals), Michael Sweet (Vocals), Tony Harnell (Vocals), Charlie Benante (2nd Drums)

LIGHTS OUT (UFO) Mike Portnoy (Drums), Billy Sheehan (Bass), Bumblefoot (Guitar), Lita Ford (Guitar), Michael Sweet (Vocals), Tony Harnell (Vocals), Charlie Benante (2nd Drums)

Just amazing. I mean the jams at the end were just jaw dropping. Lita Ford really shredded it on guitar and Geoff Tate's singing, just breath taking to see and hear.


Let me say there were many stand out moments of the evening, so I'll go over what hit me the most.

Mike Portnoy basically tackling Eddie Trunk and horsing around on stage with him just before the second set.

Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine busting Eddie's chops via That Metal Show and just how happy they were to be there with him.

Geoff Tate walking in and taking time to sign a young kid's autograph book and take a few pictures with fans.

Everyone cheering for Ace Frehley as he walked in to the Hard Rock.

Watching Peter Criss and Ace Frehley on stage together playing some classic Kiss songs and just being in awe of what I was seeing.

Watching The Winery Dogs...Live...and realizing they are even better live than on the CD.

There were many, many more moments but honestly I'm still processing what I saw and heard last night. (Note: I took some video, as we were allowed to do so, and will post it once I edit the sound to clear up some of the background noise.)

Overall I consider myself very fortunate to have won a seat in the first place, but more than that, to have been there to witness a group of musicians, many of whom I've grown up listening to, play an amazing concert for a fellow fan.

Just in case you were wondering, Eddie Trunk spent the whole night on the floor with the other fans. He didn't hang out in the VIP Area unless it was to see his family, who was in attendance, but when the bands were on he was right there with everyone else on the floor doing what he has since day one. He was listening to the music he loved with people who shared that with him. Again, I have to say Congratulations on 30 years Eddie. Here's to the next 30 years!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Song Spotlight: Within Temptation feat. Tarja - Paradise (What about us?)

Song: Paradise (What about us?)
Artist: Within Temptation feat. Tarja

Review: What can I say? I've been waiting for this vocal duo to perform together for a long time. Sharon den Adel's voice is amazing as it is but adding Tarja's operatic vocals to this blistering track takes this song from great to epic. This is symphonic metal at it's absolute best. Everything from the driving guitars, to the drums, to the orchestra and choral background plus phenomenal vocal work make this perhaps one of my favorite songs of the year. 

Rating: 10/10

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Video Spotlight: The Winery Dogs - Time Machine Music Video (Official)

Upcoming Release: Rhapsody of Fire - Dark Wings of Steel

RHAPSODY OF FIRE and AFM Records are proud to announce that the new and long awaited studio album will be entitled “Dark Wings Of Steel” and it will be released in Europe on November 22nd (Europe), December 3rd (USA).
All recordings, mix and mastering are finally completed. “Dark Wings Of Steel” was produced by Alex Staropoli, all songs composed by Alex Staropoli and Manuel Staropoli, with the collaboration of Roby De Micheli. All lyrics were written by Fabio Lione, and beside the rhythm section with Alex and Oliver Holzwarth, it will also feature a full orchestra, a great choir, and real instruments as in the best RHAPSODY OF FIRE tradition.

“Dark Wings Of Steel” will be released as CD, Digipak and double-Vinyl. Digipak and Vinyl are about to include a bonus track.

01. Vis Divina
02. Rising From Tragic Flames
03. Angel Of Light
04. Tears Of Pain
05. Fly To Crystal Skies
06. My Sacrifice
07. Silver Lake Of Tears
08. Custode Di Pace
09. A Tale Of Magic
10. Dark Wings Of Steel
11. Sad Mystic Moon
Bonus track on Digipak & Vinyl:
12. A Candle To Light (extended version)

Review: Anthrax: Anthems

So I picked up Anthrax: Anthems, which was released on March 19, 2013, and let me just say wow. Again, I need to re-iterate: "WOW!"
I've been a fan of Anthrax for a long time. They were one of the first bands I got into when I started listening to metal way back in the 80's. (Yeah...I'm getting old.) Anthrax is still my favorite Thrash Metal band as one of the members of the Big Four. (For the uninitiated: Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth.) Through the years they have continually kept me happy with their music. So, when I heard they were doing a cover album, I naturally had to check it out.
What an amazing tribute to some amazing bands! The E.P. begins with Anthem by Rush, and damn if it doesn't sound almost exactly like Rush with a slightly heavier sound. This track alone made me nearly fall out of my chair with how perfectly it was played. This effect was only reinforced when I heard the next track, TNT originally recorded by AC/DC. I had to pick up my jaw after hearing this. Not only does Anthrax manage to sound like AC/DC, but Joey Belladonna manages to sound like the second coming of Bon Scott which is completely awesome. The next song I'll mention is great not only for the fact that it's another excellent cover, but it's been stuck in my head for days and I'm actually happy about it, Jailbreak originally recorded by Thin Lizzy. This is probably my favorite track on this CD. The entire CD is great with covers from Boston, Cheap Trick, and Journey, you just can't go wrong with Anthems.
RATING: 10/10
Go out and buy this on CD or right now. You won't regret it!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Upcoming Release: Motorhead - Aftershock

*NOTE: Obtained from Motorhead's Official Facebook Page*

For Immediate Release
September 9, 2013

MOTÖRHEAD to Release New Album “Aftershock” in North America on October 22, 2013

Silence, silence
Silence when you speak to me!
-Lemmy Kilmister
Like the juggernaut you prayed would keep on crushing you, like the friend that still royally pisses off your parents and like a loyal standard of crunchy, greasy, punky, bluesy, gutsy screw-you rock’n’roll, MOTÖRHEAD stride out through their 38th year brandishing more swagger and attitude then your ears could begin to comprehend.

On October 22, 2013, MOTÖRHEAD will deliver their 21st studio album, an enormous and prophetic Aftershock. Recorded at NRG Studios in North Hollywood, it is a true leveler, a crushing confirmation of everything MOTÖRHEAD stands for, marching from the dust storm to deliver 14 belting statements which see MOTÖRHEAD in perhaps their best writing form for years. There’s swagger, there’s punch, there’s speed and there’s dirty filthy grooves, Lemmy Kilmister, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee showing clearly that MOTÖRHEAD is not simply a band, it’s a genre!

That genre, more than ever, resonates with hearty independence and swashbuckle. Whether it’s “Heartbreaker” throwing hooks and riffs into your head, the double-kick concussiveness of “Paralyzed” with Campbell’s fuelled attack, or the thunderous ride-off-the-Rickenbacker Motörcharge of “Going To Mexico”, Aftershock takes gleeful twists and turns which re-announce the Motörlegend. There’s the smoky biker bar blues in the shape of “Dust And Glass”, Lemmy’s late-night vocals evoking last-call and melancholy, the pogo-powered punk-spiked stab of “Queen Of The Damned” and the deliciously steamy, humid mournful “Lost Woman Blues” which midway through decides to kick over the stool and stomp out the saloon door.

Aftershock track listing:

Coup de Grace
Lost Woman Blues
End Of Time
Do You Believe
Death Machine
Dust And Glass
Going To Mexico
Silence When You Speak To Me
Crying Shame
Queen Of The Damned
Keep Your Powder Dry

Aftershock is available in four different formats, wherever music is sold! The album can be purchased in CD (limited edition digipack), CD (jewel case), Vinyl (gatefold – 180-Gram Single LP), and digital formats. A North American pre-order will be announced in the coming weeks.

“Steal it if you must, buy it if you can!” says Lemmy, who’s pride in the album is so immense that guests to his home and dressing room in the last couple of months have been treated to extremely loud airings of the rough mixes, while Phil Campbell adds, “I really think the variation on the album shows that we’ve dug deep and produced some of our best work for a long time.”

“It is,” says Mikkey Dee, “a really, really strong MOTÖRHEAD album, one that really does define everything this band stands for.”

He’s not wrong. Because MOTÖRHEAD are MOTÖRHEAD are MOTÖRHEAD…and their Aftershock will be felt worldwide…

Learn more about MOTÖRHEAD at these websites:

Official Lemmy Facebook:
Official MOTÖRHEAD Facebook:
Official MOTÖRHEAD Twitter: @MyMotorhead
Official MOTÖRHEAD Website:

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